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It Takes Two - Environments

I was responsible for four levels in the game of It Takes Two, as well as helping out with various props and other things throughout the game. We within the team work closely together and share a lot of assets, tilers and help, so big thanks to my colleagues. The levels I worked on was the spider section in the garden of the game as well as the mole tunnels. I also worked on the town level in the Snowglobe. All of these levels I worked on from very early stages until their completion. Big shoutout to Beatrice Tisander who I collaborated with for a large part of the Snowglobe town's development, with several other artists helping out with parts of it. Lastly I worked on the level where the players traverse the outside of the Tree level. I took over the initial blockout of this level and turned it into the final version.

Thanks to our other departments and level designers who have a lot of hand in shaping the levels and making them play well. Tech Art was instrumental in providing cool tools, ideas and features into reality and help getting the performance into shape. Also thanks to our QA-teams who helped make the game play as well as it does and becoming a stable, polished product.