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Weather Station - UE4 Environment

A weather station located on a segment of drained ocean floor. This was an idea I toyed with some time ago, but was a bit too challenging at the time. Learnt a lot during the last year so feels great to hack away at it with my new knowledge. Onto the next (more rocks)!!

Used Modo for modelling, Zbrush for sculpting, Painter and Designer for materials, texturing and some utility stuff and Unreal to put it all together.

Olle norling render 01
Olle norling render 02
Olle norling render 03
Olle norling timelapse v2

Timelapse of building the scene.

Olle norling composition notes
Olle norling detaillighting

Detail Lighting.

Olle norling assetshowcase 1
Olle norling assetshowcase 2
Olle norling render 04

Thanks for viewing. The crabs made it home safely.