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Scales Substance

Made this for DiNusty's (Jeremy Estrellado) monthly Substance Designer Discord challenge. It was tricky to figure out the pattern of these scales but with some tweaking I think I got it. Made 100% in Designer.

Rendered in Marmoset Toolbag.

Olle norling snake body smaller size
Olle norling reference comparison smaller size

The provided reference for the Challenge was a bit odd as it's mirrored horizontally in the middle. It was an interesting pattern to recreate which made me try out some new stuff with the Tile Sampler node that I hadn't done before.

Olle norling maps

Texture Maps - Normal, Height, Base Color, Roughness and AO. Base color is a bit extreme, would probably tone it down to more PBR-friendly values for e.g Unreal usage but it worked well for Marmoset at the moment.